Everything you need to know for this week: 7/18/2021-7/24/2021

Band Camp Week 1

Monday July 19-Friday July 23

With Director

Guard: 7-8 AM @ Band Hall

Flutes: 8-930 AM @ Band Hall

Clarinets/Saxophones 930-11 AM @ Band Hall

Horns/Trumpets 11AM-1230 PM @ Band Hall

Low Brass 1-230 PM @ Choir Hall

Percussion 230-4 PM @ Band Hall

With Section Leader

Guard: 8-9 AM @ Foyer

Flutes: 10-11 AM @ Orchestra Hall

Clarinets: 1130 AM-1230PM @ Orchestra Hall

Saxophones: 1130 AM-1230PM @ Choir Hall

Hornes/Trumpets: 1-2 PM @ Orchestra Hall

Low Brass: 3-4 PM @ Orchestra Hall

Percussion: 130-230 @ Band Hall

Things every student should bring at the start of week 2 of Band Camp 7/26/2021

One Costco Size case of water

One Costco Size carton of heathy snacks

One ream of paper

Five inexpensive white/grey t-shirts in their size

Sun Screen for themselves

One refillable water bottle


One large towel

Chap Stick


Baseball hat or visor

Comfortable shoes and socks (No Sandals or flip flops)

We need your help!

As our marching season is getting under way we are looking for ways to help keep costs down. Here’s how you can help.

We need to make some props for our marching show and require some things that may just be lying around your house. If you have any milk crates in fairly good condition and/or any plywood that you are willing to part ways with, we are asking that you send that in with your student by the end of week one of band camp 07/23. The more that is donated the less we have to purchase. Please put your student’s name on the milk crate that way if we get more then we need and don’t end up using it, we can send it back. We’re not asking for you to go out and buy some to donate. We’re only asking for you to send what you can spare.

Lastly, we do not have enough funds to kick start our marching season. Mr. Villanueva and the Booster Board are asking that each student's family provide two Isleta services this year. These individuals must be adults and will need an alcohol servers license which costs $30 if you don't already have one. You may deduct half the cost of the license from your student's band responsibility with a copy of your receipt for your alcohol license. We will not be running a concession stand this year where kids can work. If each family provides two services it spreads the work load evenly. If you are unable to participate in your student's services please contact Mr. Villanueva directly to discuss options. Below is the link to complete the alcohol servers course on line. This is lengthy course so please start this ASAP. Our first concert is 8/9. Sign up sheets will be out soon.

Be sure to check out the Director's Corner!

Alcohol Server's License Course

Thank you for your help,