What you need to know...

October 7, 2022

Hey Band,

Here’s your WYNTK.

Next Saturday is Zia! We will be tailgating Burgers and Hot Dogs for dinner. Come see your Pride if the Horizon compete at 3:15 at UNM Stadium and enjoy some burgers and dogs.

All State auditions are the last week of October.

We need your support. As you may know one of or local supporters is TCR racing. The last few races have been cancelled and we need to make up that income. We have partnered with Day of the Tread for 2 races on 10/23

See you Saturday!

October 3, 2022

Hi all,

A list of reminders and info:

  • We are having a board meeting Monday @ 7:00. We always do the first Monday but I forgot to put it on the calendar.

  • Seraph Brass Concert, 3-5PM October 1st, Required Attendance. Color Guard rehearsal during same time.

  • We WILL have rehearsals on October 6,7, and 12 as per the Calendar. As of right now they are schedule to take place on the turf field, though times may be narrowly adjusted in accordance with football practices.

  • Zia Performance Time: 3:15PM

  • Pageant of Bands Performance Time CONFIRMED: 11:45AM

  • All State Registration Deadline for students: October 10th

Thanks and feel free to ask any questions.



September 12, 2022

Time for your weekly update on your Pride of the Horizon Hawk Band.

  • Booster Meeting Tonight 7pm in the Band Room

  • Please Email Nasser if you plan on traveling to Las Cruces next week

  • Schedule for Saturday: 4:30AM- Band Hall Open 5:00AM- Report to Rehearsal 5:00AM-5:45AM- Rehearsal 5:45AM- Load Truck 6:00AM- Inspection (Equipment and Uniforms) 6:15 AM- Leave Volcano Vista ---- We will be staying for finals. Please be on the look out for a text from Charms when we are about 30 minutes out so you can head the the school for pick up. It will be late Saturday or early Sunday morning.

  • Chaperone and Pit Crew help still needed

August 29, 2022

Hi Hawk Band,

Here is what we got for the upcoming week.

  • Reminder: Everyone who is supposed to help at the race on September 4th. Report time will be 5:15 in front of the band room. Two parents with larger vehicles and Mr. V will be driving out. We will depart at 5:30 and return around 12:00. If anyone is driving themselves or has any problems, please speak up now so we have time to solve them.

  • Reminder: The band is NOT performing at football games this week or next. It was previously on our calendar so you may not have noticed it disappear. Our next game will be Sept 9th at Wilson. We'll remind again as it approaches

  • Anyone interested in All State Band, registration opens Sept 1st. Talk to Mr. V.

  • Giving you all heads up about a few special football games far enough out so they hopefully don't impact any family plans:

    • September 9th the band will have a special stadium rehearsal. This is very important. Students will be released from school early, be bussed to the football game to get some practice in a stadium environment. Very crucial for our upcoming competitions!

    • October 7 will be another special day. In addition to a rehearsal before, it will be our 8th grade and alumni night.

As always, feel free to send questions or concerns my way. Thanks!

--Nasser Salim

August 25, 2022

Hi Hawk Band and Parents!

I am excited to announce that a design was voted on by our students and our show shirts are ready to be ordered! You can order them in the Charms store now for $25 a piece. You do not need to get one for your student as they are paid for with band dues. But please do get one for yourselves, family, neighbors, anyone you like!

Also something new, the Charms store is now accessible without needing to log in. So family and friends can order stuff without having a student in band! Just go to www.vvhsband.org , click on Charms in top bar, then "Click to Enter Charms" to automatically get to the VVHS Charms portal.

See the attached images for a preview of the shirt, and how to get to the guest shopping in Charms.

We will need to close the shirt orders at some point but I am still working with the vendor on timing so I will send another announcement when shirt orders will be closed. Once it is closed, we will only have whatever extra stock that we order extra so get the sizes you want now.


--Nasser Salim

August 21, 2022

Hi Band,

Spectacular performance Friday! It's gonna be a great year again.

* Reminder that fatigues shirt and shorts are required uniform items. Freshman will have those costs added to their Charms balance. Replacement or extras will be available on the Charms store soon. Please direct questions to Mr. V.

* Monday, upper class men drumline please be at school early for a performance at the NM Bar for Rio Grande Credit Union

* If you are interested in All State band, talk to Mr V soon!

* The band picnic is next weekend RSVP in the Band App.

* Otherwise, we have a regular schedule this week with after school practices on Tuesday and Thursday.

August 15, 2022

Hi Band and Parents,

Here is what you need to know for this week!

*IMPORTANT - Every student needs have parents sign and return the permission slips for school function trips. These cover football games, competitions, etc. Also the media release forms so we can document the fun year we are embarking on. Both forms will be required by 2:25PM on Tuesday afternoon, with grade deductions and performance penalties for students who do not have them turned in on time. As this is a classroom item, questions please go to Mr. V.

* Our first football game is this Friday 8/19. Students will REMAIN AT SCHOOL for rehearsal. Dinner will be provided by our wonderful hospitality crew. See the calendar for all the details.

* There are some other notable items and changes to the calendar you should be aware of.

- After school rehearsals start this week from 3 - 5, Tuesday and Thursday

- Monday 8/22 , the drumline has been invited to play at the NM State Bar! More details incoming. Go Hawks!

- Two football games (8/26, 9/2) have changed to away games and are removed from our performance calendar.

- A new performance on 9/24 has been added for the Land of Enchantment Fly Over at Double Eagle Airport. See calendar for details.

You may see some additional communication asking for volunteers if they are needed for this first game. The rollercoaster ride is about to begin. Hang on and have fun!


July 30, 2022

Hey Band!

Time for your weekly update on your Pride of the Horizon Hawk Band.

We are only $72 away from our $20K Fan Pledge Goal. Let's break that goal!

Upcoming: MANDATORY PARENT ASSEMBLY for ALL MARCHING BAND PARENTS Saturday 8/6 @11 AM in the Foyer outside the PAC.

Please be preppared to make the first band dues payment of $150, this helps launch the marching season.

**Important- If you are unable to make your band dues payment please contact Nasser or Mr.V directly. (president@vvhsband.org, director@vvhsband.org)**

Please check the band calendar for all the upcoming band camp report times

Last but not least, a note from your Hawk Band Director:

Please make sure to eat and or pack a healty meal as needed for camp, and check the Directors Corner regulary.

Don't forget to subscribe to our website so you stay up to date on current events.

Last Time,

Marching Band Roadie AKA Crystal Bolton Hawk Band Secretary.

July 22, 2022

Hey Band!

Time for your weekly update on your Pride of the Horizon Hawk Band.

This year the band's theme is "Elevate" with a focus on gratitude. We are already seeing the positivity in the air!

Did you know that the Volcano Vista Hawk Band is seeking sponsorships? We still have sponsorship spots available--reach out to your Hawk Band Booster Board for more information.

Upcoming: Next Week is Band Camp 3-a-days and SPIRIT WEEK. See the schedule below.

Daily Schedule:

  • 7:30-11:15- Session 1, Fitness, Fundamentals, Drill

  • 11:15-12:00- Lunch

  • 12:00- 3:00- Session 2, Indoor Music

  • 3:00-3:30- Break

  • 3:30-5:00- Session 3, Fundamentals, Drill

Monday - Meme Day

Tuesday - Twin Day

Wednesday - Everything Backwards Day

Thursday - Western vs Pirate Day

Friday - Marvel vs DC

Last but not least, a note from your Hawk Band Director:

  • You will NOT be allowed outside on the field without sunscreen and H20, no exceptions!

  • Don't forget to subscribe to our website so you stay up to date on current events.

Last Time,

Marching Band Roadie AKA Crystal Bolton Hawk Band Secretary.

July 15, 2022

Band Camp Starts Next Week!

Hi Hawk Band!

This is just a reminder that band camp kicks off next week. Please check the calendar for details. Camp start at 7:30 and goes to 1:00 for most students. Students who are in jazz or concert band only come from 9:30 to 11:00. If you are a first timer or just don't remember from last year, here are some things you need to remember to bring to band camp. For starters, sunscreen!

  • Clothing

    • White Shirts- all band camp and every practice for the season Shirts preferred to be blank as they WILL be written on with permanent marker! These can be cheap packaged shirts. Five white shirts, one for each day, is best practice!

    • Shorts can be any color, no jeans,

    • Broken in athletic shoes appropriate to march on asphalt or grass, NO FLIP FLOPS OR SANDALS PLEASE.

      • TIP: Some kids bring crocs or slip ons to give feet a break during lunch, an extra pair of socks too.

    • Hat to keep the sun off face and neck.

    • Sunglasses

  • Water Bottle - Half Gallon "Coleman" brand recommended. We will have "Hawk Band" branded half gallon bottles for purchase starting Saturday afternoon via the Charms store. Can’t have too much water. Please do not send your kiddo with a disposable bottle of water. They need at least 64 oz. preferably in an insulated container to keep it cold.

  • A hefty sack lunch - it’s a long day. Lunch needs to have some substance to it. Lots of healthy calories.

    • TIP: Instead of soda, a Gatorade or electrolyte type drink at lunch is helpful.

  • Sunscreen! Cannot emphasize this enough! Band tan lines are pretty epic throughout the season, but sunburns are no joke!

    • TIP: Spray sunscreen is popular, so kids don’t get their hands and instruments/flags greasy. Re-apply often.

  • Lip balm with SPF (this is vital for playing instruments outdoors)

Questions can go to me or Mr. V by email or in the Band App. See you there!

--Nasser Salim

P.S. By the way, did we mention sunscreen?

July 1, 2022

Important upcoming dates and events

Parents, please read/download the 2021-2022 Band Handbook. Also, Band camp begins July 18, 2022.