Q:  What are the biggest band fund raising events throughout the band season?

A:  There are 3 big fundraising events throughout the band season:  

Q:  Where can I find booster meeting minutes?

A:  The latest information can be found at our general meeting minutes page.

Q:  I'm interested in helping the Hawk band program, how can I help?

A:  The program needs as much help as we can get.   Lean more about the booster committees.  

Q:  Where can I find contact information?

A:  See About Us information.

Q:  How can I find information about band sponsorships?

A:  You can sponsor our program; you can also contact our President; visit our Fundraising page.

Q:  What Payment Options exist?

A:  Make your payments for band dues, donations, sponsorships or online store purchase?  Full details here.

Q:  What is expected from our band members?

A:  Please read the student band handbook.  Big changes and updates were made!