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Class 5A

State Concert Band


Parents and students needing more information regarding our ensembles and opportunities about becoming a part of the Hawk band, check out our Ensembles.

The program is highly successful and award winning.  Meet the motivated instructional staff.  More information regarding expectations is located here.

Help is always needed and appreciated.  If you are interested in participating as part of our Non-Profit Band Booster organization, contact the Director of Bands or Booster President.

IMPORTANT:  Please click here to access and complete the required Agreement and Medical VVHS band forms. 



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Q:  What are the biggest band fund raising events throughout the band season?

A:  There are 3 big fundraising events throughout the band season:  

Q:  Where can I find booster meeting minutes?

A:  The latest information can be found at the General Parent & Board Meeting Minutes.

Q:  I'm interested in helping the Hawk band program, how can I help?

A:  The program needs as much help as we can get.  Get in the game and Learn more about getting involved.  

Q:  Where can I find contact information?

A:  Here is the latest contact information.

Q:  How can I find information about band sponsorships?

A:  You can sponsor our program OR you can also contact our President or visit our Fundraising page.

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