Committee Chairs

Colorguard Liaison

**Position Open**


Rae Blacksher & Nicole Chavez

Pit Crew

Bud Woodall & **Position Open**


Stefanie McCoy


Stephanie Pankratz

Band Banquet

Patricia Castro

Public Relations

Carlos & Monica Tenorio


Leah Raley & Nicole Chavez


Jen Pinon & Melisa Nieto

Band Trip

Leah Raley & Stefanie McCoy


Stefanie McCoy & Jen Pinon

Past President

Tracy Overbay


Kristen Mitchell

A successful band program relies on the support of the parents. There are many ways you can get involved. Please contact the appropriate committee chair, or visit our Volunteer page for information on how you can help. For an overview of each committee, please see below.


The fundraising committee coordinates with the fundraising committee chair and board of directors to discuss fundraising opportunities, commit to fundraisers, and ensure that all fundraisers are operated and closed out according to pre-determined timelines.


The hospitality committee coordinates with the hospitality committee chair and board of directors to ensure that pre-determined band events have enough food and volunteers to support the students at each event.

Pit Crew

The pit crew committee coordinates with the pit crew committee chair and board of directors to ensure that all band equipment is transport to and from pre-determined events, and is handled correctly during each event. This involves loading and unloading of trucks and/or trailers and transporting of equipment within the event as appropriate.

Public Relations

The public relations committee coordinates with the public relations committee chair and board of directors to ensure that the band is represented appropriately in the community and media. This includes posters, flyers, and news articles that represent the band in a positive light.

Uniform Committee

The uniform committee coordinates with the uniform committee chair and board of directors to ensure that the band uniforms are maintained, transported, and utilized at appropriate band events. This includes coordination with the pit crew on proper transport of the uniforms to events as necessary.