To volunteer to work at specific games, please click here.


THE GOAL: Meet most or all of the budget by running concession stand(s) at Isotopes games.  We are signed up for 15 games (see the calendar for game dates/times), with the last one on Tuesday, July 25. With maximum participation, our budget could potentially be met by the second day of band camp, then NO MORE FUNDRAISERS! The alternative is we don’t have enough volunteers to meet our Isotopes commitment and end up doing many smaller fundraisers and out of pocket costs all year to meet the budget.


Generally speaking, we want to represent VVHS and the Isotopes organization in a positive manner.  This means that workers inside the booth should be "on task", remain positive, and stay efficient.  The more people we serve, the more money we make!  Any cell phone use, food consumption, etc., should take place "out of sight"  (i.e., step into the back room to text/take a call, remove the "bowling shirt" and leave the area to eat any food). Also, in order to maintain professionalism and comply with health codes, there are some other "basic" rules we must adhere to, including, but not limited to: 1) No handling of money then touching food without replacing gloves, 2) Not touching cell phones, then touching food, etc., 3) No touching a drinking cup (twist lid, etc.), then touching food - hence the lid and straw requirement, 4) Food preparers making sure long hair is tied back.  This is not an exhaustive list, but you get the idea. The more professional we look when we prepare and present food, the more return customers we'll have!



  • Free Entry to Isotopes Park.
    • Enter at the Southeast corner of Isotopes Park (by the blue dumpsters) - the "Warehouse" door - and sign in, receive the "bowling shirt", obtain information about work station, etc.
  • Free Parking (across the street at UNM) - see Nicole for a parking pass
    • A bit of a walk, but park across the street from Isotopes park, in the "UNM East" parking lot.
  • All you can drink (Soda/Tea/Water)
    • You can bring your own cup, but it must have a lid and a straw (no "twist" lids, or anything you have to touch), and MUST NOT contain any advertisements.
  • Coupon for one free food item (Pretzel/Hot Dog/Nachos)
    • The person running the cash register will know how to process the coupon so we don't get it deducted from our earnings!
    • Please leave the booth, and remove your "bowling shirt" when eating.
  • Take a break, watch the game.
    • With enough volunteers, we can rotate people in and out for break time.
  • Simple Cash Registers!
    • All cash registers have buttons for all items.  So if a person orders popcorn, a large coke, and an order of nachos, you simply punch those three keys.
    • Other money handling rules exist, but they'll go over them before each game.
  • You DO NOT have to serve alcohol - there are plenty of other roles to perform.
  • You DO NOT have to handle money.


  • Must be at least 16 years old to participate.
  • Black or Khaki shorts or pants (no other colors and no blue jeans) - modest dress (no short shorts)
  • Comfortable t-shirt (they provide the official “bowling-style shirt” to wear over your t-shirt)
  • Closed-toe shoes (no exceptions)!  Required by the health department.
  • Isotopes hat, or all-black hat (absolutely no other logos/advertisements) - they have hats for sale if necessary
  • Hat not required, but highly recommended, especially for students/parents doing food prep (long hair must be pulled back)
  • No cell phone use while working.  If you need to use it, step into the back room, take a break, etc.
  • Please communicate!  Tell someone (Nicole/Tracy) if you will be late (or not able to attend) to a game that you have signed up for. Please call Tracy (505 249-7594) or Nicole (505 977-2002) - put their numbers in your contacts!
  • Only those who have completed the Alcohol Serving Training and received a Permit will work registers.  Permit and ID must be on your person at all times!  If you don't have your permit on you, you can still work, but cannot work the registers or server alcohol.
  • There is limited storage for personal items. Only bring necessities (ie. ID, Permit & car keys - no large purses).
  • All participants must fill out the cash handling paperwork (there are some stations without alcohol service). Please click here to download the necessary paperwork. Only print and fill out the relevant forms. Even if you do not plan on handling money, please fill out the money handling paperwork just in case.
    • If we have more than enough volunteers, and they need help elsewhere, they may ask us to help with or run other booths, which in turn means more money for us.
    • Conversely, if we don't have enough volunteers, they may ask other groups to help us, which in turn means less money for us.
    • We may have to work some of the stands (BBQ Nachos, Dip-N-Dots, etc.).  These stands do not serve alcohol, but do require money handling.
  • Adults who are willing to work registers and/or serve alcohol, please see the details here ( for the training/certification required The $30 course/ exam fee will be credited to your student’s account, and subtracted from any band fees due.
  • Report times - check each calendar event. Generally speaking, we need to be there 1 1/2 hours before each game time (gates open 1 hour before game time).


We will plan on having sign ups as each game approaches and will include that information in the weekly email blast. Please watch for those details so we can guarantee we have enough help at each game. Even if you don’t want to handle money or serve alcohol, that’s not a problem - please sign up!

Please let either Nicole ( - 505 977-2002) or Tracy ( - 505 249-7594) know if you will be late to (or miss) a game that you've signed up for.