Please spread the word to your family and friends for our fundraisers listed below, which help support our band students. Your participation at each event is greatly needed and highly appreciated!


Dining Out Fundraisers


Community Fundraisers
Smith's Community Rewards

We are now enrolled in the Smith's Community Rewards program! If you shop at Smith's, and are not part of their rewards program, please sign up now! If you are already enrolled in their rewards program, please attach your rewards information to our band program information. Please tell your friends and family as well.

The whole process takes less than 5 minutes - the basic instructions are:

  • Navigate to
  • Log in (with existing information), or Register a new account
  • Link your rewards information (if existing), or create a new rewards account
  • Enter your relevant information (name, address, etc.)
  • Link our band program Community Rewards information to your account (our number is #62088)
Detailed instructions can be found here.
Full Band Fundraisers
August 20
Vigil's Beef Jerky (Ongoing)
We are now selling Vigil's Beef Jerky - the first order is due August 20th. Please put the order form with money collected into the band safe. We will be selling the jerky year round, this is just the first round. For every $20 pack we sell the band makes $7. It's a tasty product that will sell itself as long as everyone asks the easy question of "Who wants some!". If you need any additional order forms they will be in the band room or you can print one here.