Does the marching band perform at all football games?

The marching band performs at all home football games, and only the away football games if the school provides money for the buses and truck/trailer rental.  The away football games that the band attends will be announced several weeks in advance of each game, as funding is appropriated.

Can I get into the events for free?

Currently, the only parents that can get into football games for free are those identified as Pit Crew members for each particular event.  The football stadium provides a limited number of entry vests (for Pit Crew) for each event, so there is no guarantee that even the entire Pit Crew will be able to enter for free.  More details will be provided once they are available.

For the UNM volleyball games, a limited number of chaperones can enter the event for free.  More details will be provided as clarification is received from UNM.

For the competitions, the Pit Crew will be allowed on the field during our band's performance, and a limited number of chaperones will be able to enter the stands with the students after the performance. 

Of course, the band students themselves will be able to enter all events (if in uniform) for free.

How can I help?

There are many ways you can help the VVHS band program.  These include volunteering your time (see the Committees page for details), your talents (sewing uniforms and flags, creating artwork for the show, building props for the show, etc.), and your resources (trucks, trailers, tools, etc., and some companies will match donations to non-profit organizations!)

If you have questions regarding any volunteer activities, please contact us! ( or